Haiku Series by Carter Mahnke

Ever since I put together my compact Sony A6000 video rig back in the spring, I've been shooting a lot in my day to day life, capturing random moments as they pass, and I've been trying to find an outlet for all the footage that doesn't fit into the context of some full 3 minute piece. I wanted an outlet for more  bite-sized expressions.

What I've decided to try is a kind of haiku-style filmmaking series made up of edited pieces that encapsulate a moment and a feeling in under 30 seconds. In addition I will compose a classic 5-7-5 syllable haiku to accompany the visual. This is my way of documenting my story, the places I find myself in, and the people I experience them with. 

i have always found restrictions to be one of the most powerful creative tools, and telling a story that sets a mood and resolves on a good beat in 30 seconds is a fun editing challenge.

 Check out the first one here

 Maybe these will compile into a longer form project later on, but for now they are to keep me editing, and exploring the poetry form, a rather uncharted territory for me.

Photography Exhibition in Norfolk by Carter Mahnke

Sunday, May 3 will be the first public exhibition of my work since I began taking the film/darkroom process seriously last summer. I'm really proud of how everything has come out, now that I'm looking at it all framed up. 

The title of the Exhibition is "Light Machines." An all-analog photography exhibit featuring myself and my friend and fellow film enthusiast, Miki Karafka. My images explore the concept of obsolesce, the decay and maintenance of the things we make, and the simple beauty that is always lost in the wake of our progression.

Welcome to the party! by Carter Mahnke


Well, the site is finally up. A few more things to tweak, but things are coming together. It's taken a bit of time to decide how to present the portfolio and what place the analog/digital menta have in my body of work. 

I am passionate about analog process of photography, and my digital filmmaking projects will be also serve as transparent window into the tactile world of exploring and capturing light.

I hope you'll enjoy learning and experiencing this journey with me.